Are Hackers Attacking your Company?

If you are under cyber-attack or have the impression that you are under attack, please contact us.

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Are Hackers Attacking your Company?

Are you searching online for a CyberSecurity firm because your company network was breached? Or, do you want to prevent future breaches? We can help you.

If you are a hedge fund or an investment firm's CTO/CISO/ISO or an IT manager with 100 or more computer users, who are frustrated with the level of service, responsiveness and competence of your current security consulting provider, and if you're TIRED of dealing with ongoing security incidents, then we can help your organization by:
• Hacking your network & systems, in order to identify potential breaches BEFORE they accrue
• Sweeping your network devices for an existing weakness
• Providing you with a comprehensive CyberSecurity Risk Analysis
• Being proactive by taking ownership of the process

Achieve peace of mind by following 3 simple steps:

Step 1: CyberSecurity Risk Assessments


2Secure Corp experts perform a comprehensive CyberSecurity risk assessment, assessing your systems for weakness that could be exploited compromising your data assets.

Malicious visitors might penetrate and steal that data, take control of your website, or interrupt your entire business.

Step 2: CyberSecurity Risk Analysis


Customized, comprehensive report on the status of your company's risk posture.

An in-depth consultation with specific recommendations for addressing any vulnerabilities discovered.

A detailed plan for how to mitigate and what to do first.

Step 3:
CyberSecurity Audit


• This step is necessary to verify that corrections made in Step 2 are truly effective, and can mitigate vulnerabilities identified in Step 1.

• Discover new changes to network topologies and applications that may have accrued after security risk assessments.


2Secure Corp is unique in that we are the only CyberSecurity consulting firm that takes a PROACTIVE approach to solving network breach problems. 2Secure Corp provides you with the recommendations of how to fix your problems the first time around - in fact, we guarantee it!

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